Hello!  My name is Preeti Gundecha.  I am a busy mom, a wife and a health enthusiast.
In the process of healing from my own illness with proper nutrition, exercise and other natural therapies, I uncovered my passion for helping others.   I love to research, read and keep up-to-date on the topics of nutrition, health and wellness.
I am currently completing my certification as a Health and Wellness Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and accreditation through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  I am learning over 100 different dietary theories, contemporary health issues and topics, essential lifestyle techniques, eastern and western modalities with some of the top professionals in nutrition such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. David Katz of Yale University, Dr. Neil Barnard and Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard University.


Healthy Recipe For Life Philosophy


Like many people, I used to think that sickness and disease happens, it is dictated by our genes and we can’t do much about it.  Today, I have learned that that is not completely true.


After transforming my own illness, I have learned the importance of proper nutrition and its impact on health and wellness.  As goes the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’ and if our food choices are unhealthy and inadequate, we become that when we eat it. In today’s chemicalized society, there are so many choices to be aware of – organic, local, grass-fed, naturally raised, hormone free, antibiotic free, seasonal, local and wholesome.  The right diet and the right foods can make a significant difference, however, there is another part to this equation that many of us don’t think about and unknowingly neglect.  And that is  – Nutrition is the nourishment of the mind, body and soul.  Together, it creates a complete picture of a happy, healthy and wholesome you.


Most of us are living life in a state of emergency without taking the time to stop and breathe. It is true that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you in return. Through my own health challenges, I have experienced first-hand the power of an integrative and holistic approach to health and well-being.  Being a mom and a wife I want to do everything that I can to properly nourish my family and build the right foundation for my son’s future.  And there is no greater satisfaction than being able to share this invaluable information with others.


If you are interested in incorporating healthy changes in your life and would like to learn more, I invite you to sign up for an Initial Consultation . You will be pleased to learn how every little step that you take is a recipe towards a healthier life and a happier you.


Wishing you your best health, one step at a time,

Preeti Gundecha (HHC, AADP)